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The Art of

Counter-Strike Vol I

by Ronald "Rambo" Kim ,

Ognian "steel" Gueorguiev

The Art of fRoD

by Danny "fRoD" Montaner

  • Learn the most dominating individual play style in CS history
  • Read, listen and watch as fRoD dissects his entire skill set
  • Over 130 minutes of video footage, 45 minutes of audio interviews and 160+ pages
  • Discover the powerful principles and secrets to fRoD's famous techniques


Trailer and Features

More than two hours of video footage from fRoD's championship calibre career, including footage from unreleased POV demos

Exclusive audio insight from fRoD as he describes his world famous plays and relates them to key concepts.

fRoD outlines his approaches to every aspect of CS 1.6 and how these have crafted his reputation and world championship résumé.

Personal opinions of major events as well as famous team-mates and rivals

Danny "fRoD" Montaner

  • World Champion of ESWC finals 2005
  • Champion of WSVG ISC 2006
  • World Champion of GGL TransAtlantic Showdown 2006
  • Runner-up of WEG Masters Invitational event for champions
  • World Champion of CGS CS:Source 2007
  • 4 time CEVO-P Champion
  • Winner of the Best Counter-Strike Player of the Year 2005 Esports Award
  • 4 time Esports award nominee
  • Highest Frags Per Round statistical average in Gotfrag’s Gamesense in both 1.6 and CS:Source history

Over $312,550 in team career winnings

TAO-fRoD helps out a ton, it enables you to see most situations from a professional's perspective. From rifling to mainly AWPing but for other crucial moments like clutching ability and outsmarting opponents.  This guide is excellent for learning players willing to make their way to the top.

Mikey "method" So

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